Fossombrone - Forum Sempronii Archaeological Park


The archaeological zone occupies a large basin terrace on the left of Metauro and bounded to the west of the ditch of Cesana (or Rio di San Martino), along the SS 3 Flaminia.
Excavations have shown that the plateau on which Forum Sempronii arose was already attended, if not occupied, in a stable and continuous way since the Piceno period, we don't know how, yet: the assumptions for a real settlement or at least for a market centre, as here important main roads of protohistoric age also related to transhumance met
The name of this Roman town literally means "Sempronii's Forum", where the term Forum properly indicates a market place, highlighting its natural commercial vocation.
This strong link to the road network is strengthened in the Roman era, for the connection of this settlement with the viability of the time and its equidistant position compared to other major centers of the region.

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Fossombrone - Forum Sempronii Archaeological Park

Località Parrocchia San Martino Del Piano
Fossombrone (PU)
0721.723263 - 340.8245162 (Punto IAT)

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