Fossombrone - Fortress


The Fossombrone Fortress is located on the St. Aldebrando Hill and it was one of the buildings of the Duchy of Urbino to protect the Metauro Valley and Flaminia Way. In 1444, the fortress was under Federico da Montefeltro. In order to meet the new military needs, the fortress was changed into a complex structure by Francesco di Giorgio. Nowadays, there are only the outer walls, the three towers and the keep. The fortress was destroyed in 1502 during the war against the Valentinois, and then the St. Aldebrando Church was built in the same place.


Fossombrone - Fortress

Via dell'Orologio-Cittadella
Fossombrone (PU)
0721 7231 (Comune) 0721 723205

OPENING TIME: The Fortress can be visited only from the outside

Recommended for: Culture

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