Fiuminata - Prati di Monte Vermenone


Mount Vermenone, in the Appennine mountains, is not far from the border between Marche and Umbria regions. Its top, 1363 meters above sea level, offers a wide sight of the nearby ridges of mount Gemmo and Mount Primo, of the Montelago plain and of Mount Pennino, as well as of the charming profile of the Sibillini mountains. The area called Forcatura, 721 meters above sea level, is crossed by the administrative border of the Sefro and Fiuminata municipalities. Looking down from here, on one side one can see the valley where the town of Fiuminata sits, not far from Pioraco, and on the opposite side the valley of Sefro. It is a very nice area, rich with meadows and spring blooms, daisies, wild orchids and narcissus, where seeing hawks, goshawks and kites gliding in the tense wind is rather easy; and eagles can be glimpsed, flying above the rocky tops of Mount Linguaro. Fiuminata, 479 above sea level, is the town of castles; in ancient times consisted of little hamlets protected by the mountains. Its territory is rich with a lavish vegetation and its highest peak, Mount Pennino (1571 meters above sea level), is renown due to its important plant life abundance, its mountain meadows, and a centuries-old beechwood growing beyond 1000 meteres above sea level. This is where the Potenza river has its sources, precisely near a borough called Fonte di Brescia. The village of Sefro, 497 above sea level, is surrounded by lush vegetation, by mountains thick with woods, and is caressed by the crystal waters of the Scarzito creek where the undisputed queen of this kingdom and the emblem of its purity lives: the Fario trout. This is a land of monuments stronger than time, of art and of legends, of an harmonic fusion of the strength of nature with the strength of man.


Fiuminata - Prati di Monte Vermenone

Monte Vermenone
Fiuminata (MC)
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