Fiuminata - Hermitage of Madonna di Valcora


In Medieval times, above the hamlet Valcora, there was a village called Sarracchiano, where a little church dedicated to the Crucifix could be found. During the centuries the church was widened (the last renovation works were carried out in the 18th century) and a building used as a hermitage was added. For some years a hermit lived there and when the village of Sarchiano was abandoned it turned into a Marian shrine as it’s considered today.

Nowadays the hermitage is on a rocky spur on the right hand side of the Potenza river, not far from Fiuminata, surrounded by woods. It was built along the road which brached off the Flaminia consular road in order to connect Umbria and the southern part of the Marche, the Picenum.  

The church consists of a nave and a hut-shaped roof. The only original part of the apse  dates back to the 14th century. In the apse you can see a nice painting representing the Crucifixion with Madonna and St. John, an image of the Madonna of Loreto enclosed within a shrine whose columns are supported by two angels, a “Ecce Homo”, frescoes dating back to the second half of the 14th century, recently renovated and attributed to the 14th century painter Diotallevi di Angeluccio di Esanatoglia. A rectangular inner courtyard  separates the Church and the other building, which has been largely rebuilt in recent years and turned into a holiday house.

Due to the earthquake occurred in 2016, the hermitage is closed. For further information please write to:


Fiuminata - Hermitage of Madonna di Valcora

Frazione Valcora
Fiuminata (MC)
0737.54134 (parroco); 0737.614051 (pro loco)

OPENING TIME: Open on Sundays in the afternoon for the celebrations of the mass

Recommended for: Culture

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