Fiastra (hamlet Acquacanina) - Rio Sacro and Monte Rotondo Falls

Rio Sacro is one of the main attractions of the corner of the Sibillini Mountains near Acquacanina.
A long time ago here stood a Benedictine abbey. The valley of the Rio Sacro is crossed by the homonymous torrent that over the centuries has carved a deep gorge. In the lower part now passes a forest track for wood cutting, while the upper part is reserved to canyoning, thanks to the different jumps exclusively surmountable with the necessary equipment. In the upper part the valley widens and still bears signs of past glaciation, various moraines and sinkholes dot the north side of Mount Rotondo, the highest peak of the valley.

The Monte Rotondo, the peak of the northern slopes of the Sibillini Mountains, in the Umbria-Marche Apennines, form a massive mountains with Bambucerta, Pietralata and Cacamillo.

In its eastern side is the Tela Valley and the precipitous valley of Acquasanta, with the eponymous natural waterfall. The waterfall can be reached by an easy trail from  Bolognola, after which the valley ends in a wild and inaccessible gorge . Its western side opens into the Valley of Ussita, in opposition to the majestic rocky ramparts of Mount Bove North. The peak is easily reached in less than an hour from the refuge Fargno.

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