Fiastra (hamlet Acquacanina) - Abbey of San Salvatore di Rio Sacro


The abbey of S. Maria in Rio Sacro is in the hamlet Acquacanina, not far from the Fiastra lake.

Originally the abbey was called San Salvatore di Rio Sacro because of the San Salvatore wooden crucifix  that was inside of it. The built was first built in 985,as some Benedictine monks  moved to the Rio Sacro valley.

Thanks to their presence, the valley became more prosperous than ever, both from the spiritual and material point of view, until some new abbots established and dissipatedall of the monastery’s wealth and forced the monks to move elsewhere.

The new convent became the Santa Maria de Merigu church, which was one of the churches depending from the monastery and the name was turned into “ Abbey of Santa Maria di Rio Sacro”. Former possessions were moved to the new abbey, including the San Salvatore crucifix which was venerated  by the inhabitants of the little hamlet and which is still reached by local pilgrims.

The abbey underwent restaurations in 1956, the roof and the walls were strengthened. Besides, inside the abbey you can see a wooden statue of the Holy Mary with Child dating back to the 15th century and the crypt with three little naves dating back to the 11th century which has been unearthed in recent times.

Several frescoes can be found in the abbey, including the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian, attributed to Girolamo di Giovanni, painted in 1490 and a small octagonal canvas by Maratti.

Due to the earthquakes in the year 2016 the abbey is closed. For further information please write to



Fiastra (hamlet Acquacanina) - Abbey of San Salvatore di Rio Sacro

Frazione Meriggio
Fiastra (MC)
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