Fermo - Theatre "Dell'Aquila"


The original structure of the theatre  was built between 1780 and 1790 by the master builder Luigi Paglialunga, following the aproject of Cosimo Morelli (1729-1812). The initial structure respected the canons of the 18th-century theatre with an elliptical-shaped room. Between 1796 and 1798 the architect Giuseppe Lucatelli has made some changes to the proscenium arch. The current shape of the room is the result of the transformation which took place in 1830 by  the architect Giuseppe Ghinelli. The tempera painting of the ceiling, was made by Luigi Cochetti (Rome, 1802-1884), and it represents Olympian Divinities, Zeus, Juno, the three Graces listening to Apollo. Cochetti made the curtain representing Harmony who is giving the cithara. In 1830, Alessandro Sanquirico, the greatest set designer of that time, made some paintings. In the middle of the room, there is a majestic 56-arm chandelier made of gilded iron and wooden leaves. Originally supplied with carbide, it was purchased in Paris in 1830. The name of the theatre comes from the the Hall dell’Aquila, which is located in the Council Chamber of Fermo, inside the Priori Palace. After hosting 19th-century operas, the theatre has acquired a new prestige thanks to the renovation work, strongly desired by the Mayor Ettore Fedeli and the Public Works Department.


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