Fermo - Piazza del Popolo


Piazza del Popolo is the heart of Fermo. The square is closed on the shorter sides by very important historic buildings: the Town Hall, the Studi Palace, and the old Apostolic Palace. On the outside, there are double external staircase and the front porch, and the impressive statue of the Pope Sixtus V, who was born in Grottammare. Inside the building, there are many rooms, including the Civic Art Gallery where there is the Nativity by PP. Rubens in 1608. The baroque Studi Palace (16th – 17th centuries) is the place of the library. The building, made by the architect Rainaldi, has a portal topped by a balcony and the Statue of the Assumption (Paolo Da Venezia, 1587). In the Archibishop’s Palace, there is a series of important paintings such as the Saint Rocco Porch, consisting of nine arches supported by columns (1528) and the Renaissance portal.


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