Fermo- Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary


The skyline of Fermo is dominated by the profile of the Cathedral, which is right on the top of the hill, surrounded by a garden.  having the most magnificent view of the rolling landscape and the Adriatic Sea.

The cathedral is in a extremely interesting archeological site, as it was built on a 6th century Roman temple which is partly still visible in the interesting underground area.

The old Cathedral was destroyed in 1776 by Frederick I (Barbarossa) and was later rebuilt in 1227 by Giorgio di Como for Frederick II. The imposing Romanesque and Gothic façade in Istrian stone and the entrance hall where 14th century frescoes and the 14th century funerary monument of Giovanni Visconti d’Oleggio can be seen.

The archbishop Andrea Minucci ordered the demolition of the cathedral in 1781, although the people from Fermo opposed him. The rebuilding was projected by Cosimo Morelli and lasted about eight years. The architect preferred by the popes Clement XIV and Pius Vi  chose a neoclassical style that made the interior of the church spacious and solemn. However the lower part of the bell tower has been preserved.

The bronze doors, placed in 1980, are a creation of Aldo Sergiacomi from Offida.

Inside the cathedral there are valuable works of art, such as an early Christian sarcophagus (III- IV century) which is placed in the 13th century crypt, a Byzantine image given as a gift by Giacomo della Marca, an early Christian mosaic with peacocks before the presbyterium and tombs of important people.

The façade has a wonderful rose window carved in 1348 by Giacomo Palmieri and noteworthy is the portal where, in a little  niche, is placed a bronze statue of the Assumption.


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