Fano - Leopardi Gardens


The Garden of Piazzale Leopardi, situated between Via Montevecchio and Via Nolfi in Fano, originated in 1898 when the building hosting the former candle factory was demolished, which occupied a large part of the site. News of the area recreation are yet present in the "Small Courier" dated 07.09.1898, which reports the presence of an indicative plate and the planting of trees and flowers in the garden (...). In 1936, during the war in Ethiopia, the fence that enclosed the garden was removed, along with the puteal positioned in the centre of the garden, which was then brought back in the cloister of the Convent of San Paterniano, where it originally was placed. In 2009, it has been replaced by the puteal that originally stood in the cloister of S. Maria Nuova. In the garden there is the broken trunk of an old Yew tree (Taxus baccata), yet ruined in the early 90s by a storm.


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