Fabriano - Church ot S. Caterina

Started in 1383 by the monk Giovanni di Bartolomeo on a land offered by the noblewoman Farratoni, widow of Count Ugo of the Atti of Sassoferrato, he joined, in 1397, the Congregation of the Olivetani, whose coat of arms is visible both inside and outside the Church. In it Guido and Chiavello Chiavelli, lords of Fabriano, were buried. Over time, the large complex underwent major restructuring works, was desecrated and stripped of many goods; it was reconsecreted in 1823,  when  the Franciscan Friars Minor arrived; it is still present and active, even if the site had to undergo another period of crisis for the Italian government suppression of Lorenzo Valerio. In the temple, also an interesting precious copy of the Holy Shroud is kept; a polychrome wooden crucifix carved by Brother Innocenzo da Petraia, considered miraculous; a finely carved ciborium of the seventeenth century; the reproduction  of the Cave  and of Virgin’s appearance.

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