Fabriano - Abbey of S. Biagio in Caprile


The abbey of San Biagio in Caprile was founded in Fabriano around 1030 by the Counts of Nocera and Gualdo who at that time ruled together the valley of Salmaregia. In 1060, due to a lack of monks, it passed under the rule of St. Mary of the Apennines that sent a small religious community. In 1443 a fire destroyed it together with the whole file archive. Being the building without monks, Pope Eugene IV passed it to the Sylvestrine Congregation.  In 1665 it was elevated to main abbey and in 1810 it was sold to private owners. Today all that remains of the ancient abbey is the church with a rectangular plan, once decorated with the famous frescoes by the anonymous master of St. Biagio in Caprile (now visible in Urbino, Galleria Nazionale delle Marche), whereas the monastic buildings built around the cloister were destroyed. Inside the abbey a youth hostel has been opened after some renovation works that have been carried out due to earthquakes. It’s a cheap tourist accommodation that is suitable also for pilgrims.

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