Fabriano- Fortified village of Albacina


The fortified village of Albacina is one of the most important ones of Fabriano. It lies at the foot of the Mount San Vicino. Its importance lies also in the strategic position in the control of the river crossings between the Esino river, originating from the Matelica-Esanatoglia area, and the Giano river originating in the plain of Fabriano.

Its origins date back to Roman times, as it was the first area of settlement of the Ufentina tribe in Tuficum. Some epigraphs are still left of that time and they can be found in the courtyard of the parish church; a bronze head is at the national Archaelogical Museum of Ancona.

According to documents dating as far as medieval times it was always submitted to the municipality of Fabriano and it supported the Ghibelline faction. It followed the alternating events of Fabriano: the Chiavelli fall, the short dominion by the Sforza Lords, the return of the Pope authority and in 1517 the pillage by the Spanish troops sent by Pope Leo X and Lorenzo de' Medici Duke of Urbino. In 1519  other troops followed but they were defeated by Giambattista Zobicco. In the 19th century Albacina,as well as Cancelli, Collamato and San Donato, could  autonomously administer public expenses and budgets.

Some parts of the old castle have survived, such as the fortified main entrance, some parts of the keep and some walls. The parish church is named after St. Venanzo who was a bishop in Luni and who probably run the parish church of Albacina where until 1319 also the inhabitants of nearby Cerreto d’Esi were christened. His corpse was found in a niche inside a church, as a commemorative plaque recalls.  In the church a triptych by Maestro di Staffolo is preserved. It represents Madonna and Child Enthroned , Saints Venanzo and Mariano, at the top God among angels, the archangel Gabriel, the Annunciation and in the twelve parts of the altar-step the Apostles.

Along the main road is located a valuable sacred aedicule by Orlando Merlini dated 1501. It’s been recently renovated. In the church Santa Maria della Piazza an image is preserved, which is most cherished by the local population.

The earthquake occurred in 2016 has damaged the village.



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