Corinaldo: Walking and cycling routes


In Corinaldo there are four circular walking and cycling routes stretching for over 21 kilometres. They are gravel paths and dirt roads, which are almost completely public, and road signs provide information on the way to follow.

They include the town center and the outskirts of Corinaldo (Ville, Sant’Apollonia, Nevola and Madonna del Piano).

The first one is 1.4 km long. You can cycle around the town walls, a major point of interest; the second one ( 3.6 km long) starts at the birth place of St. Maria Goretti and ends at the Incancellata Sanctuary; a panoramic gravel and dirt path (10.6 km) crosses the hills in the outskirts of Corinaldo, i.e. the suburbs Ville and Sant’Apollonia. Last but not least, the route Molino Patregnani in Madonna del Piano ( 2 km long) is suitable for children. It includes an old water mill housing a small rural museum and it’s surrounded by a natural landscape of great importance.

Take into consideration also the 3.7 km long nature route, reaching the Nevola river and bordering the river itself.


Corinaldo: Walking and cycling routes

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