Concordia Theatre


The actual appearance of the theatre hall is the result of two restorations. The first one, which is also the most radical one, was carried out in 1935 when the original wooden structures were replaced with others made of bricks: moreover, the characteristics of the horseshoe-shaped hall with two tiers of daises (for a total amount of 25) and the circle gallery on the top were kept unchanged, whereas the antique decorations once spread over the parapets of the daises and all around the vault were completely removed. The second restoration, instead, was finished in 1987 and was aimed at making the theatre operative again after several years of inactivity, as well as conforming it to the current regulations of public safety, but there were no means of  restoring its lost original appearance.


Concordia Theatre

Via Montegrappa, 4
San Costanzo (PU)
071 2075 880 071 54813

Recommended for: Family - Culture

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