Concattedrale di San Catervo

The Cathedral of San Catervo was built upon the ruins of two former holy buildings. The earliest Panteum was dedicated to St. Catervo, the Roman nobleman to whom is attributed the diffusion of Christianity in Tolentino. The second church was built after 1256, thanks to the Benedictine monks. The thirteenth century Gothic basilica was completely restored in the first half of the nineteenth century in neoclassical style. The chapel of San Catervo retains some Romanesque parts, while the new church has an opposite orientation. The interior has the shape of the Latin cross. During the recent restoration works, medieval pillars that supported the vaults have been identified. The walls and the arched vault of the chapel were frescoed  by Marchisiano di Giorgio: the Adoration of the Magi, the Crucifixion, the Virgin Enthroned with Child and Saints and the Evangelists and sibyls. Valuable remains of the Basilica are the Romanesque portal and bell tower.

Due to the earthquake occurred in 2016, the church is temporarily closed.

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