Civitanova Marche - Hippodrome - Ippoparco San Marone

The Hippodrome - Ippoparco San Marone was inaugurated in August 2000. It is located in the countryside and enjoys a beautiful panoramic view over the sea. It's an area covering more than 10 hectares of land dedicated to the horse, where you can see mares and foals free in scattered paddock around the hills near the Asola river. 

In addition to the horse racing track, you can visit the Historical Museum of Trot, unique in its kind because of the richness of the collection, the horse breeding of standardbred horses, a brand new stables and a riding and hippotherapy school.

Here horses like Ebsero Mo, winner of the European "Championship dei Tre Anni" in Monaco of Bavaria, Sec Mo and Tinak Mo, winner for two consecutive years of Italy's Derby of Trot, were born and bred.  This beautiful hippodrome, situated in a lovely corner of Marche's countryside, was founded by Ermanno Mori, a popular horse breeder and well know equestrian journalist. Visitors are guaranteed a refreshment during the racing days; the centre also provides a large children's playground.

The fitwalking fans can easily practice in the green routes of the centre.

Civitanova Marche - Hippodrome - Ippoparco San Marone

Contrada Asola, 24
Civitanova Marche (MC)

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