Civitanova Marche - Golf Club Agrigolf


Founded in Civitanova Marche in 1992, the Golf Club Agrigolf joins Italian Golf Federation; it is one of Italy's most popular golf clubs both for the top quality facilities and for the training. The Agrigolf was the first Italian club to establish a partnership with an institute of rehabilitation and to allow playing people with disabilities.  Since its opening the Driving Range has always adopted the "pay and play" formula, which means that you can practice without paying a membership fee, though affordable.
The necessary equipment is provided for anyone and professional teachers are always available.
The driving range is located on three hectares of meadow (fair-way) and meets the new European standard requirements , including the eco -compatible process. There are 12 firing positions, a putting green, a bunker, a hole approach, six holes, a club house and a restaurant.
A special Golf Academy is reserved for individual or group lessons. There are also some free courses for people under 18 and for people with disabilities. 


Civitanova Marche - Golf Club Agrigolf

Viale Sabatucci, 120, 120/121
Civitanova Marche (MC)
0733 897444 0733.898061


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