Cicconi Theatre

The Luigi Cicconi Theatre is located in the heart of the city centre and it was designed by the famous architect Ireneo Aleandri, who believed that the building should have drawn inspiration from the theatres of Parma and Vicenza for their characteristics and architectural style, hence the consequent choice of integrating the daises into a giant order of Ionic pillars in order to simulate the peristyle of classical theatres. Actually, the construction works partially deviated from the architect’s original project, resulting in a horse-shaped interior layout of the hall with an almost nine-metres parterre, enclosed by two tiers of 15 daises each and a gallery. The plastic decorations, as well as the terracotta ones in the façade, were made by Salomone Salomoni whereas the tempera pictorial decorations in the parapets and in the vault were commissioned to the painter Morini of Ancona. In the early 1950s, the theatre was converted into a cinema after some construction works that unfortunately caused the total loss of the hemicycle inside. The wonderful historical curtain, dedicated to local poet Luigi Cicconi, is the only element of the ancient theatre left. The curtain is a great tempera painting made by the artist Ferdinando Cicconi in 1873 and it depicts in a vast allegory “I Personaggi delle Marche” (The Characters of the Marche Region), distinguished in sciences and arts, such as painting, architecture, music and poetry.

Cicconi Theatre

Corso Baccio, 82
Sant'Elpidio a Mare (FM)
0734 859110

Recommended for: Family - Culture - Meeting

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