Church of S. Francesco in Forano (Appignano)


The testimony of the presence of S. Francesco comes, according to tradition, from an old oak door in the facade of the church where the saint entered. Then on the lintel above, it was carved: "Haec est illa prisca janua dum hic adfuit St. Franciscus". Also on this wall are preserved fresco parts of the Annunciation, dating back to the first half of the fifteenth century.
Once a Cistercian monastery, the building was sold to the monks of S. Francesco in the early decades of the thirteenth century. The miraculous event which gave rise to the Sanctuary of Forano is the apparition of the Virgin and Child to Blessed Conrad from Offida, praying in the woods. Inside the church there is a fresco depicting the “Madonna degli Angeli”(Virgin of the Angels). Many historic battles have led to the monastery and the church over the centuries were very tampered. However, there is still a Franciscan community and the cult of the Virgin is kept alive.


Church of S. Francesco in Forano (Appignano)

Contrada Forano
Appignano (MC)
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