Cerreto d'Esi - My Kart

My Kart is a go-kart track indoor: is it housed in an industrial building and is made of asphalt and protected with barriers. In summer time a part of the track stretches outside. Motorbike events at regional and national level are organized. The indoor go-kart track also hosts Endurance Convention, Minimoto races, Quad and Pitbike, cultural and different shows. There are also projects in collaboration with schools, public and national organizations.

Cerreto d'Esi - My Kart

Loc. Pian del Cerro
Cerreto d'Esi (AN)
0732.67.88.55; 366.32.91.207

OPENING TIME: Thu-Fri: 9pm - midnight; Sat: 4pm - midnight; Sun: 4pm - 11pm


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