Cerreto d'Esi - Hermitage of Santa Maria of Acquarella



The valley of Acquarella is a complex of great scenic, natural and historical interest overlooking the town of Albacina, in Fabriano municipality, which can be reached by a very impressive path. Also known as the Romitella, immersed in the beautiful forest that covers the sides of the valley is the medieval eremitic Church of S. Maria of Acquarella (14th -15th centuries.). The Church is leaning against a tower, which was used to control most of the high Esino valley. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, it was built in the year 1441 due to the interest and at the request of the hermit monk Frandeno.
The tower, given its strategic location with a wide view over the valley of Giano, could belong to a previous era, namely the feudal period, when the bulwarks of defense were on almost all the surrounding heights to Albacina. In the month of April 1529 Matteo da Bascio and Ludovico da Fossombrone convened the First General Chapter of the Cappuccini to go to Acquarella. During the meeting, the memorandum with the constitutions (called of Albacina) of the new order of the Franciscan Congregation of Eremitic Cappuccini Friars Minor (better known as Cappuccini, who will ruled the Order for almost four centuries) was drafted.
The festival of the little Church is celebrated on May 3rd , the feast of the Holy Cross, and even today people from Albacina go there on a pilgrimage together with a some Cappuccini friars.



Cerreto d'Esi - Hermitage of Santa Maria of Acquarella

Cerreto d'Esi (AN)
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