Caves of St. Sperandia - The Hermitage

The hermitage, chosen by the Saint for her ascetic experience, opens on the North slope of Mount Acuto and it can be considered as a symbol of the slaughters committed by the destructive human hand in the Valley of Rio Laque, located in the area near the “Roccaccia”.

Nevertheless, even if this area is composed by several caves, villas built in a disordered way and the senseless interventions undertaken in order to ameliorate the caves of St. Sperandia, it remains the “savage reign of isolation” beloved by hermits.

At present, the hermitage is composed by a niche that partially closes the entrance to the cave, that is 8-10 meters deep and the height varies from 3 and 5 meters.

The speco, built in a steep side of Mount Acuto, overlooks on the overhanging void of the gorge of Rio Laque, surrounded by dense forests of holm oak and hornbeam.

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