Castelleone di Suasa – Domus of Coiedii


The Domus of Coiedii is now part of the Archaeological Park of Castelleone of Suasa and was built in a central location between the area of the Forum and the amphitheater,overlooking the important road axis of the ancient city of Suasa. It is a large structure belonged to the important noble family of Coiedii, as confirmed by an inscription in the Archaeological Civic Museum and found in the swimming pool of the house. The domus has undergone over the centuries several construction changes in its structure, layout and decor. The most important change dates back to the second century. A.D. and was built by the Coiedii family itself, perhaps in their moment of greatest fortune through a building expansion performed at the expense of neighbouring dwellings. Contemporary to the period of greatest splendor of the domus are the beautiful figurative mosaics, such as those with erotic subject of Leda and the Swan, Eros and Pan or the polychrome one of Tritons and Nereids. However, in the Archaeological Museum are preserved, some frescoes, fine examples of wall painting of the second century. A.D. along with some rare examples of painting of the second century. BC, very similar to the first style of the Pompeian painting.


Castelleone di Suasa – Domus of Coiedii

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Castelleone di Suasa (AN)
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