Carlo Goldoni Theatre

The Carlo Goldoni Theatre in Corinaldo is the historical theatre of the town. The construction of the small “Teatro del Sole Nascente” (Theatre of the Rising Sun), based on the architectural project of Angelo Birza from Fabriano, can be dated back to the years between 1736 and 1752. In its origins it had a U-shaped layout with three tiers but then it was enlarged and remained in operation till 1869, when it was replaced by the new Goldoni Theatre. The design of the latter was entrusted to the engineer Crescentino Quagliani, who modified the proscenium and simplified the layout giving less emphasis to the previous harmonious arrangement of volumes, but he preserved his merit of having invented the innovative device for raising the parterre to the same level of the stage, which is still working today.
The construction of the theatre with its decorations was finished in November 1867 while the production of the stage sets was ended in September 1869. Finally, the building had a horseshoe-shaped layout, a total amount of 38 daises spread over three tiers and an open gallery. The six daises in the proscenium were integrated later.

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