Cantiano - The Caves of Mount Catria

The caves that have been discovered in the chains of Mount Catria are less extensive and known that those of Mount Nerone. There are: "the Abyss of the Horn", the "Abyss Drenacrom", the "Cave III of Codalini", the "Devil's Hole" and the "Giana's Hole". Pretty remarkable is the Cave of the Valley of the Three Wells, a 250m narrow cave with flooded parts in Mount Tenetra near Cantiano. The caves of the massif are difficult to access, unless you have a proper equipment. A particular amphibian lives in the caves:: the Italian cave salamander (Hidromantes italicus), a kind of small yellow-brown salamander.

Cantiano - The Caves of Mount Catria

Monte Catria
Cantiano (PU)
331 3590500 (biglietteria impianto)


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