Camporotondo sul Fiastrone – Church and Convent of Colfano


The convent of Colfano is near the town of Camporotondo. According to tradition, S. Francesco, on the occasion of one of his trips in the Marche Region, set up a place of meditation and prayer near a spring that now is flowing in the underground rooms of the monastery.
In recent years, thanks to the work of Father Natale Sartini, parish priest of the Monastery and Friar Minor of Colfano, the Cave of the Friars has been restored to original condition. It is thus possible to admire the Church, the altar and the cistern.
The monastery is part of an itinerary that leads the visitor from the hermitage and the Caves of Soffiano to the old convent of Roccabruna (Sarnano), to the Caves of the Friars of Cessapalombo, to other places that tell us about the first Franciscans’ lives.
Of artistic importance, a Madonna Enthroned with Saints Francesco, Pietro, Giovanni Battista, Ludovico di Tolosa, di Nobile da Lucca, painting signed and dated 1490; Crucifixion with the Virgin, S. Maria Maddalena, S. Giovanni Evangelista, S. Francesco (painting attributed to the same painter from Caldarola); the Holy Family by Giovanni Andrea de Magistris signed and dated 1547.

Camporotondo sul Fiastrone – Church and Convent of Colfano

Camporotondo di Fiastrone (MC)
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