Camerino – Orto botanico di Camerino (Botanic Garden of Camerino)


The “Carmela Cortini”Botanic Garden of the University of Camerino was created in 1828 by professor Vincenzo Ottaviani, a teacher of Botany at the Faculty of Medicine in the same University. It was he who chose the area where the garden was created, previously occupied by vegetable gardens and untamed land, surrounded and sustained downstream by a massive wall and crossed by a road. After overtaking many difficulties, Ottaviani succeeded creating the Botanic Garden: a 1835 inventory states that, further to the ones standing along the pathways, 1096 trees and shrubs were cultivated there, along with 887 ground and vase plants.

The garden looks south-east to the Sibillini Mountains and occupies a surface of about one hectare at the feet of the walls of the Ducal Palace, 27 meters lower than the city level.

The garden consists of two main sections: a sloping nemoral one, created in the XIX century, where century-old trees create a little wood, and another even part, where herbaceous, shrub-like plants and trees of various heights are kept, meant for ornamental purposes too.

In the even area there are several sectors, some of which are divided into square flowerbeds hosting spontaneous and officinal plants. To the latter a wide section is dedicated, due to the researches performed in the Department of Environmental Sciences which administers the garden.

Other thematic areas can be identified in the square flowerbeds dedicated to the flora of the Central Appenine mountains, to the sub-vertical calcareous rock, to the garrigue and to the pond, as well as in the area dedicated to the cultivation of pteridophytes, in the flowerbed of some of the arboreal and shrub-like species of the Central Appennine mountains, in the one dedicated to the cultivation of bulbous species of Marche and in another one dedicated to the Helleborus, Peony and Hydrangea genders; most pathways are delimited with boxwood. Near the walls of the Ducal Palace, on a plan higher than the rest of the garden, there is a roof garden. In this Italian garden, which offers a suggestive sight upon the panorama surrounding Camerino, some ancient scented varieties of the gender Rosa are cultivated.

Near the main entrance there are two greenhouses, connected to each other by a central passage which is also the entrance to the Botanic Garden; outside the gate a little section hosts an arboretum.


Camerino – Orto botanico di Camerino (Botanic Garden of Camerino)

Viale Giacomo Leopardi, 14
Camerino (MC)
0737 403084

OPENING TIME: The gardens are open to the public on working days; in Summer they are open also on week-ends 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

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