Camerino - Church of S. Filippo

It is thanks to the Oratorian Fathers and various public and private donations received from the beginning of the 17th century that we owe the construction of this church. The building was opened for worship a few years later in 1735. The exterior is constructed in brickwork with mouldings, Ionic capitals and urns in white stone. It is built on two levels connected by ample volutes. The interior has a prevalently centralised plan with greater development along the longitudinal nave with two large chapels half way down. 
The two larger side chapels, respectively dedicated to Saint Philip and to Our Lady of Sorrows, are very richly decorated with stucco cherubs, scrolls and festoons, including, in the chapel dedicated to Saint Philip, four ovals supported by cherubs depicting bas-relief scenes of his life. This chapel also houses the celebrated Apparition of the Virgin to Saint Philip Neripainted in 1739-40 by the Venetian master Giovan Battista Tiepolo.

Due to the earthquake occurred in 2016, the church is closed. The masterpiece by Tiepolo has been taken away in order to protect it. For further information please write to:


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