Camerino - Church and Convent of the Cappuccini of Renacavata


In the architectural complex of the Monastery there are four completely restored parts dating from the sixteenth to the twentieth century (1968-72). The original nucleus consists of external walls, pillars of the cloister and the roof covering. 
The existing Church preserves, at the arrival of the Cappuccini, the altar of polychrome terracotta recently attributed to Santi Buglioni (1494-1575), depicting the Virgin and Child near San Francesco wearing the Cappuccini’s dress, originally ashen colour and not brown as it is today. It has also an interesting wooden tabernacle (1686) in baroque temple shape built by the Cappuccino Francesco Liberato from Macerata.
The museum contains objects relating to the history of the Cappuccini including numerous seventeenth-century wooden shrines. The convent of Recanavata of Camerino is closely related to the beginning of the Cappuccini order , although we do not know much about the early developments of the convent and church of Renacavata. From this early convent, the Order soon spread throughout Italy and lately worldwide. And today in Camerino the friars continue to live according to the model of their Holy Father and the early founders of the order, sending their lifestyle to the younger generation of monks, especially thanks to the Novitiate, which has continued to be based in this convent for centuries.

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