Caldarola - Town Theatre

The theatre in Caldarola, housed in a 16th century building donated to the town by Cardinal Evangelista Pallotta as a residence for the mayor, was first opened in 1830 and subsequently reopened in 1906 following restoration work carried out to a design by the engineer Filippo Amici at the beginning of the 20th century, on the basis of which it was enlarged and adapted to the artistic principles of the time. The horseshoe auditorium has two tiers of boxes and a gods gallery and the decoration is of late 19th century inspiration. The parapets of the boxes and the gods are embellished with white stucco and gold in the same way as the proscenium boxes that are separated from the others by two pilasters with Corinthian capitals. The most recent work that restored the theatre to its original splendour was carried out in the 1980s. Over the years it has become a multifunctional space where different activities take place, including conventional theatre, opera, conferences and cinema, amongst others.



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