Caldarola - The fortified village of Croce

The thirteenth century fortified village of Croce was ruled by the Da Varano family. Its eastern curtain is very large; in the middle of the fortification is the front door with a pointed arch that leads into a courtyard with a cistern. The southern part is occupied by a church, boasting a trussed ceiling and five gilded wooden altars with columns that frame the paintings. Andrea De Magistris frescoed the Saint Lucia in the left niche and the Virgin with the Child in the back wall. Simone De Magistris painted the saints Antonio and Venanzio, to the left of the presbytery, while the frescoes in the niches are attributed to Federico De Magistris. The sacristy houses a wall ciborium that could have been part of the former chapel. The  painting complex shown in the church is extraordinary: Simone De Magistris made three frescoes (Ascension, Crucifixion, Assumption) and the Mysteries of the Rosary ; Andrea De Magistris frescoed Madonna, Child, St. Rocco and St. Sebastian in the middle of the left nave (1538); St. George saves the princess and St. Martin giving his cloak to the poor (1551), on the bottom; the Nativity within a rectangle of pilasters with the 'Annunciation' in the plumes and the corner niche (1553).

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