Caldarola - The Castle of Pievefavera

The castle of Pievefavera is located in Pievefavera, a little medieval village, at 411 meters above sea level, with a beautiful view over Lake Caccamo. Near Lake Caccamo is the archaeological Roman site with ruins of Late Republican era. The Castle of Pievefavera, located in the highest part of the village, was very powerful in the Middle Ages, when it was ruled by the Da Varano family, who used it as a watchtower against Tolentino and San Ginesio. It dates back to the twelfth century and still retains the original walls, with three curtains, three gates and four towers, one of which has been transformed into a bell tower. Inside the castle is the Parish Church in Baroque style, with its Romanesque portal, above which a square stone is walled.  The interior has a single nave with four side chapels and an imposing central altar. The apse behind the main altar is what remains of the former building. The sixteenth-century wooden work depicting  Saint Sebastian is valuable. The rectory is next to the church and follows the course of the land , thus forming the triangular shaped church porch. At the end of the thirteenth century the area surrounding the church porch was rebuilt, while the building adjacent to the church dates back to the fourteenth century. Some archaeological finds are currently on the church porch , so as to recreate an open air "Antiquarium".

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