Caldarola - Palazzo Pallotta, Stanza del Paradiso (Paradise Room)

Pallotta Palace, now the Town Hall, was built by Cardinal Evangelista Pallotta towards the end of '500. Thanks to it, the city of Caldarola took on that unmistakable late Renaissance urban plan of Roman inspiration that it is still possible to admire today.
The building is an authentic jewel of mannerism architecture in the Marche Region, it recently returned to its former glory thanks to a long restoration; within it are preserved some paintings of the painter and sculptor Simone de Magistris, who was born in Caldarola.
Of extraordinary value is the magnificent Paradise Room, a small artistic jewel and reserved place for the cardinal's meditation, decorated with evocative landscape scenes with exotic flora and fauna representations, hunting scenes animated by rearing horses, greyhounds, birds, hunters and framed by festoons and cupids with the heraldic symbols of the family.
A decoration somewhere between fantasy and reality where the chromatic exuberance and playful vivacity of the scenes enliven a lyrical atmosphere and imbued with seventeenth-century charm.


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