Caffé Meletti

Institution and parlor of the "ideas”, it has been the seat of the "Senato" for years , the city notables association. Rare expression of Liberty style in the Marche region, with floral decorations and perfect original furnishings. King Vittorio Emanuele visited it in 1908 and 1910 to buy the Anisette Meletti and proclaimed it "The Supplier of the Royal House". Mascagni said he started here to write his work "Lodoletta".
Guttuso, at the end of the Second World War, designed the magazine "L’Orsa Maggiore". Stuparich, Zandonai, Badoglio, Sartre, Hemingway and Trilussa have been here. Trilussa, an anisette Meletti's lover, wrote "How many tales and sonnets did Meletti inspire me"
It is located in one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, it was opened on the evening on May 18th 1907,  according to Silvio Meletti’s will, a liquor-entrepreneur known for producing the Meletti anisette.
Thanks to the work of the engineer Enrico Cesari and the painter and decorator Pio Nardini, the result was a Liberty style bar characterized by the richness of the furnishings, the splendor of the ornaments and the refinement of the paintings that still today contribute to the unique atmosphere of the "Caffè Meletti".
The architecture of the “Caffè Meletti” is as fascinating as its history. The building housing the coffee is an element which fits with great elegance in the sixteenth-century setting of Piazza del Popolo, also bringing a delicate touch of color with its old rose plastering.
In 1981 it was declared by the Ministry of Cultural and Environmental Heritage a "Place of historical and artistic interest."


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