Ascoli Piceno - Ventidio Basso Theatre


The Ventidio Basso Theatre is located in Ascoli Piceno, in Via del Teatro, in front of the Major Cloister of Saint Francis’ Church and near Piazza del Popolo. The theatre is named after Ventidio Basso, who lived in the first century B.C., and he was made prisoner during the Social War where Ascoli was conquered by the Romans; but thanks to his military skills, he became a general of the Roman Republique. The theatre rope is 15 meters long, and it consists of an oval room with four rows of boxes, which are divided in 23 boxes each, and the circle gallery has a capacity of 842 spectators. The theatre was built in 1579 and it was located in the Anzianale Palace. In 1839, the project of the new theatre was given to Ireneo Aleandri, who was the designer of the Sferisterio of Macerata and the Theatre of Spoleto. In the same year, the location of the theatre was established in the palace of Via del Teatro. 
The neoclassical travertine facade has a central colonnade which consists of 6 Ionic stone columuns made by Gabriele Gabrielli in 1851. In the second floor, there are two tympanum-windows. The atrium and the foyer were decorated with stucco decorations by Giorgio and Emidio Paci. The curtain representing the painting “Il trionfo di Ventidio Basso sui Prati” , the medals were made by Vincenzo Podesti from Ancona. The stage machinery was by Gabriele Ferretti from Ancona.


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