Ascoli Piceno - Sanctuary of Sant'Emidio alle Grotte


The unique and evocative sanctuary of St. Emidius alle Grotte is a magnificent example of religious Baroque art in the Marche. It’s called “ alle grotte” because it’s placed against the caves of the old Christian necropolis.

It’s set apart from the town and it’s surrounded by vegetation and silence.

People say that St. Emidius himself brought here miraculously his decapitated head in order to be buried here.

This site was rediscovered in 1721 as the people from Ascoli Piceno wanted to thank their patron saint for the protection allowed during the earthquake of the year 1703. The most famous local architect of that time, Giuseppe Giosafatti, projected the little temple: he unearthed the pre- Christian caves by partially demolishing the stone wall and he added a finely carved travertine façade to it.


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