Arcevia – Piticchio Castle

Piticchio, one of the most beautiful and best-preserved in the Arcevia area, rises on a hill at 379 metres some seven kilometres from Arcevia. Various historians claim that it sits on the ruins of the Roman settlement of Pitulum, but this identification remains uncertain. First documented in 1223 as among the possessions of the Bishop of Senigallia, it was conquered by Rocca Contrada in late 1200s after having been destroyed several times. Very ably restored, the castle has a typically XV-century layout. A grand walkway covers the entire length of the walls and a wide slope characterises much of the circuit. The S. Sebastiano parish church is home to an impressive altarpiece of carved and gilded wood from the XVI century on which three canvases and two tablets were mounted, late masterpieces by Ercole Ramazzani dating to the 1590s.

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