Arcevia - Archaeological Museum - funerary accountrements in the Gallic necropolis of Montefortino

In the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Arcevia, the wonderful funerary accountrements dating back to between the fourth and second century. A.D. are preserved (more than half belonging to warriors) and coming from the Gallic necropolis of Montefortino, the largest ever found in the Marche region. The tombs had a large amount of material such as iron weapons, household furniture, objects related to body care (part of these kits is, today, at New York's Metropolitan Museum).
Among the many finds, the helmet of Montefortino and the three golden crowns (belonging to the tomb of the Queen of Montefortino) deserve to be mentioned; these are unique pieces, made from a rare and refined goldsmith technique, which was widespread in Greece within royal contexts.
The necropolis of Montefortino is a key-location to clarify the extent and nature of the Hellenization  process which the tribe of Senones Gauls - who settled in some areas of the eastern slopes of the Umbria-Marche Apennines – underwent. It is, therefore, a high value area, unique in Italy, in which a unique culture of its kind for artistic and cultural heritage developed.


Arcevia - Archaeological Museum - funerary accountrements in the Gallic necropolis of Montefortino

Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 64
Arcevia (AN)

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