Arcevia- Church of Santa Maria della Piana


Only the church is left of the old monastery complex. It’s outside the walls of Castiglioni, one of the nine castles of Arcevia located in the hills near the Misa valley and dating back to the 15th century. The town walls are well - preserved original defensive structures. The remains of the old monastery can still be seen in the neighbouring rural houses.  A fence on  the right- hand side of the church divides them from the church. The rectangular facade of the church is of particular interest.

Little is known of the old monastery. For sure in 1230 it was under the control of the municipality of Rocca Contrada ( modern Arcevia), although it could rule over men and lands.

The building of  Medieval origins rises at the edge of a plain of outstanding natural beauty. The original architectural features have been modified by frequent reconstruction works. Thanks to these restauration works some very interesting frescoes covering the church's walls have been recently brought to light. They date back to the 15th century. Worth mentioning is St. Sebastian , in natural size , riddled with arrows, painted by a late Gothic artist from Marche or Umbria in 1474. The date was written by an anonymous visitor at the bottom of the fresco on the left-hand side. In the church you can also see a Madonna with Child and angels by an unknown painter from Marche or Umbria who lived in the 16th century and, at the entrance, a  16th century font in local pottery .


Arcevia- Church of Santa Maria della Piana

Via Madonna della Piana, Loc. Castiglioni
Arcevia (AN)
0731/9444 (parrocchia) 0731/983145 (pro loco)

OPENING TIME: Mass times: from Thursday to Saturday 5.30 p.m., holidays: 11.15 a.m.

Recommended for: Culture

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