Arcevia (Croce Guardia) - settlement of the Bronze Age


To the late Bronze Age belongs Monte Croce Guardia which extended over a large area of the mountain overlooking Arcevia. From the large settlement a few huts in the rock were excavated, whose structure was probably formed by a wooden elevation. The settlement of Monte Croce Guardia, investigated with two excavations, is a town of old offshore protovillanovian (12th - 10th century BC.), of which a few huts with the bottom cut into the rock have been identified. Their high position reveals a strategic choice for defensive purposes. The findings record craft activities such as bone and horn (of deer) working, and metallurgical production.
The village of Monte Croce Guardia, to which a section of the Municipal Archaeological Museum of Arcevia is dedicated, is particularly important for the knowledge of the Proto-Villanovan culture, even considered in its residential aspects and in the relationship with the necropolis of Pianello di Genga, in the nearby Sentino Gorge.

Arcevia (Croce Guardia) - settlement of the Bronze Age

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Arcevia (AN)

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