Ancona - Plebiscite Square


Piazza del Plebiscito, also known as "Piazza del Papa" ( Square of Pope ), is Ancona's welcome lounge and one of its historical and social jewels. The Church of San Domenico, the statue of Clement XII, the Palazzo Mengoni Ferretti, the Museum of Ancona, the Civic Tower, the Palazzo del Governo (Government Buildinig), the Atelier dell'Arco Amoroso (Atelier of the Lovers Arch) and the 15th and 19th Century fountains all look out onto the Square.

The Church of San Domenico, designed by Marchionni, was erected in the later half of the 1700s; inside you can admire one of the Titan's Crucifixions and Guercino's Annunciation. Opposite the Church you will find the Statue of Clement XII, by Cornacchini, erected in the 1738 a a sign of the town's appreciation towards the Pontiff who had granted it free port status. Again at the end of the Square, right in front of the statue, you can find the 19th Century semicircular Fountain; the side fountain, dating from the 15th century, is decorated on the top layer with effigies, which as legend would have it are heads of the beheaded. The Palazzo Mengoni Ferretti building,home of the Public Library, wher work began in the 1500s, is also interesting because it contains a section of 13th century walls.


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