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Obsession (1943) directed by Luchino Visconti, starring Clara Calamai and Massimo Girotti.
A drifter becomes engaged to the wife of a restaurant owner where he is staying. The two lovers decide to leave, but the woman came back to her husband; however, they meet again and kill the restaurant owner. After his murder, the two are consumed by grief.

The son’s room (2001) directed by Nanni Moretti, starring Nanni Moretti and Laura Morante Giovanni. A psychoanalyst is married to Paola and they have 2 children: Andrea and Irene. They look like a happy family, but Andrea’s death due to  a scuba diving, forced them to face this suffering situation.

Ancona is the chief town and the largest municipality of the Marche Region (101,000 inhabitants). With a 2,400-year history, the town has evidence from different period: from the Roman ruins (Trajan’s Arch built in 115 A.D. or the Roman amphitheatre built in the I century A.D.), the Cathedral of San Ciriaco and the impressive Santa Maria della Piazz Church (XI and XII centuries), to the the Thirteen Spouts or Calamo Fountain (Renaissance period) and the War Memorial of the fascist period. It is also important to outline the biodiversity, in particular the promontory shaped like an elbow which naturally protects the largest port of the Middle Adriatic, and the Mount Conero which dominates Portonovo and Sirolo (Blue Flag Award). For its stylistic and naturalistic varieties, Ancona is one of the most suitable filming location of the Marche; in 1943 Ancona was chosen by Visconti for his masterpiece Obsession which foreshadowed the Neorealist work

During the film, the chief town of the Marche is the location where the protagonist Gino (Masssimo Girotti) has the possibility to leave his past behind after being rejected by Giovanna (Clara Calamai) and Ancona is also the place where the two lovers meet again. The train station, the Guasco neighborhood, the Astagno street, the Cathedral of San Ciriaco and the San Ciriaco Festival are clearly noticeable. In 2001, Ancona has become one of the most attractive town nationally and internationally. The chief town was funded by the Greeks of Syracuse and chosen by the famous director Nanni Moretti for his film The son’s room, which gained the Golden Palm at Cannes Film Festival and the David di Donatello Prize. In this film, the Torrette Regional Hospital and the long three-lined Vittoria Avenue, which leads to the Passetto War Memorial, XXIX Settembre Street, Republic Square, Saints Pellegrino and Theresa Church and the famous bar “Tazza d’oro”.


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