Ancona, the Cittadella Park


The sixteenth century Cittadella of Ancona, also known as the Fortezza (The Fortress), was built for military purposes by Antonio da Sangallo il Giovane. The monument is on top of Mount Astagno, overlooking the harbor. The Cittadella of Ancona served to Pope Clement VII to assert its political prestige in central Italy. It counts of five bastions, known as the bastion of the Guard, the bastion of La Punta, the bastion of the Bell, the Gregorian bastion and the bastion of the Garden. The highest point of the complex is the military tower or Torraccia. The structure of the park has been clearly affected by its military nature; the walkways and the works present in it are in fact generally embedded such as the old "Blessed Amedeo", a Napoleonic powder keg, or covered by embankments to protect from earth observation. Next to the park there is an area reserved for the dogs. Inside it there are a bar, a children's play area and an athletic path with wood and metal made sport tools, to do exercises. On special handrails, plaques illustrate the various plants, also in braille for the blind. The plants of this area have been chosen for each of them gives off a different scent and interesting for those visually impaired.


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