Ancona, the Cardeto Park

The real green lung of the town centre of Ancona is the lush Cardeto Park, which extends over the Cappuccini and Cardeto hills and represents a destination for all those who wish to relax in a good place away from the city noise. Olive trees, cypresses and junipers are the backdrop to this wonderful oasis, a land of 35 hectares, colored by orchids in Spring and animated by the pleasant twittering of goldfinches. With its 178 ancient tombstones, this majestic Park overlooking the sea hosts one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Europe, as well as the so called Field of the English, a cemetery reserved for Protestants.
Large and endless expanses of meadows surround the breathtaking panoramic point where rises majestically a nineteenth-century lighthouse, which on Sundays afternoon is open to the public thanks to the volunteers of Legambiente. One of the main entrances to the Cardeto Park is located near the former Villarey barrack, a wonderful nineteenth-century palace which now houses the University of Economics.
For the MSC cruise ship season, starting from 18 May 2018 the Castelfidardo Armoury will be available and at the end of May the Faro bar will be inaugurated.  The choice of the events organized is wide: readings , excursions, yoga courses, creative writing workshops and poetry, nineteenth-century dances , concerts and wine tasting at sunset.

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