Amandola - Casalicchio


Casalicchio is one of the most isolated rural boroughs of the city of Amandola. It lies on a silent plateau where a wide open panorama can be enjoyed which, in the clearest days, reaches down to the blue Adriatic Sea. Founded during the middle ages, it belongs to the area of the Sibillini Mountains National Park and has been acknowledged as a borough of a special historical and environmental importance. Famous, in front of the high ranges of Mount Castel Menardo, is the nearby St. Vincent and St. Anastasius Abbey, built on the location of a former, most ancient Benedictine monastery remounting to the VI century. Until 1830 the Abbey had jurisdiction over many churches, but then the citizens of Garulla borough, tired of the long walks they had to make to go to the mass, along uneven paths and with no less than seven ditches to pass, demanded the division into two separate parishes. Many excursion tracks, leading up to Garulla start from Casalicchio, and include a section of the Great Sibillini Ring as well as Nature Way N. 4, which along marked mule paths and trails, some of which are quite comfortable and suitable to families, in the middle of incredibly charming sceneries and a view upon Mount Amandola.


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