Piazza della Repubblica, 2 - Treia (MC)
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Treia lies in valley of the Potenza River to the north and belongs to the association The most beautiful villages in Italy. It was founded by the Romans; it was both a Roman colony and  Municipium. In central Piazza della Repubblica you can admire  the little Palace of the Georgica Academy made by  Valadier; the town hall, that is home to the Civic Picture Gallery, and the church of San Filippo. The Cathedral, dedicated to the SS. Annunziata, boasts precious works of art. Must-see attractions are: the church of San Michele, the little church of  S.Chiara, in baroque style, the church of San Francesco, the church of Santa Maria del Suffragio, the 19th century civic Theatre. Tower Onglavina which stands proudly on a rocky spur is all that remains of a former castle. On a clear day it offers one of the most complete panoramas of the Marche region, from the Apennine mountains to the west as far as Monte Conero and the Adriatic to the east.  In San Lorenzo area there is the Sanctuary of the SS. Crucifix, boasting a valuable fifteenth-century crucifix Treia’s  specialty is the so called “calcione”, a typical Easter cake made with cheese. The town is famous for the annual Disfida del Bracciale, played out in the first Sunday of August. This fast and furious ball game dating from Renaissance times is played with three players in each team.


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Discover the attraction Treia - Civic Museum

Treia - Civic Museum

The Art Gallery of Treia is located on the first floor (piano nobile) of the Town Hall. The exhibits are mainly paintings representing sacred subjects. There...

Discover the attraction Treia - Church of San Filippo

Treia - Church of San Filippo

The Church of St. Filippo, that overlooks the splendid “Piazza della Repubblica” (Republic Square), was built between 1767 and 1773 at the hands of...

Discover the attraction Passo Treia - Mulino Fortificato di Passo di Treia

Passo Treia - Mulino Fortificato di Passo di Treia

The fortified mill in Passo di Treia was powered by the water of the Potenza river; it had three millstones (one of which, an original one, was recovered by the...

Discover the attraction Treia - Georgic academy

Treia - Georgic academy

The ancient library that was founded in the 18th century by the Accademia Georgica is housed in a palace that was renovated by Valadier in the same century.

Discover the attraction Church of S. Chiara

Church of S. Chiara

The Church of S.Chiara is in Baroque style. It is possible to admire the Lebanon cedar statue of the Virgin Mary of Loreto, that, according to the popular...

Discover the attraction Municipal Theatre

Municipal Theatre

During a reunion of the Holy Congregation that took place on February 1792, it was decided to promote the construction of the City Theatre, drawing on the...


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