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The center of Sirolo lies on the southern slope of Mount Conero and is included in the Conero Regional Park.  It has a pretty medieval centre with narrow, colorful alleys and a tree-lined, balcony piazza that teeters high above the sea. Beautiful gravel beaches and warm weather draws tourists from mid May until late September.

SEA TOURIST OFFER: The best beaches are accessible using a half-hourly bus service that drops down to each of the coves; Spiaggia Urbani is a nice gravel beach; there are further gravel beaches, such as San Michele and Sassi Neri beaches. The Sassi Neri beach is so called because of the presence of sedimentary black rocks. Spiaggia delle Due Sorelle (Two Sisters Beach) is Sirolo's most peculiar and well known beach, so named after two twin rocks raising from the water in front of it. In summertime it is reachable by boat from the port of Numana. It is quoted by Legambiente  in the list of the ten Italy's most beautiful beaches. A unique event taking place there is the release of sea turtles on this beach. There are three further beaches: Spiaggia dei Lavori, neighboring north the beach of the two sisters, with pebbles and stones , and two beautiful sandy bays, Spiaggia dei Forni and Spiaggia dei Gabbiani (respectively, Ovens Beach and Seagulls Beach). Spiaggia dei Frati owes its name to a nearby submerged reef , called  “Shoal”, and is also called “Spiaggia del Bo’” (Ox Beach) because of a rock facing it that looks like an ox. 

ATTRACTIONS: In its lovely medieval center must see attractions are: the church of San Nicola, the Church of the Holy Rosary and the nineteenth century Teatro Cortesi. A short walk from the village, stands the Teatro alle Cave, a natural cave in the Conero Park, boasting interesting summer shows. On the peak of Mount Conero you can admire the Romanesque Romanesque church of “Badia San Pietro”, founded by the Benedictines in the first half of the eleventh century. Sirolo boasts one of the most remote human presences in the Marche region. Since prehistoric times mysterious inhabitants left the signs of their presence dating back to 100,000 years ago. The Piceni settled in this area during the Iron Age; in Sirolo there is a large archaeological necropolis  (VI century BC.). One of the main find exhibited is the burial complex of the Sirolo's Picene Princess ("Tomb of the Queen"); you can enjoy many activities in Sirolo like hiking, biking, sailing, surfing, windsurfing, diving, tennis, golf and birdwatching. One of the most important events taking place in Sirolo during the year is the Palio di San Nicola, Sirolo's patron saint.  The celebrations are in early May.


The Attractions of Sirolo

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Discover the attraction Sirolo - St. Nicholas of Bari's Church

Sirolo - St. Nicholas of Bari's Church

It was realized in the 18th century and it stands in Vittorio Veneto Square (Piazza Vittorio Veneto) flanked by an high tower topped by a dome-shaped-roof. The...

Discover the attraction Sirolo  - St. Rosary Church

Sirolo - St. Rosary Church

It is located along via Italia (Italia street), near the Gothic Arch that marks the town southern entrance. Almost hidden among houses of the old town, the...

Discover the attraction Cortesi's Theater

Cortesi's Theater

It has 280 seats and it’s a tiny jewel of architecture and acoustics, required by Sirolo people a san equipment for their civilian life. Since 1908...

Discover the attraction Numana - Crucifix Sanctuary

Numana - Crucifix Sanctuary

The Crucifix, a wooden Romanesque sculpture, is contained in the Crucifix Sanctuary built up between 1561 and 1566, and successively restored in 1968 because a...

Discover the attraction Museum - The State Antiquarium

Museum - The State Antiquarium

The State Antiquarium stands behind the Town Hall. It is an archeological museum established and opened to public since 1974; it contains numerous archeological...

Discover the attraction The Sirolo Picene Princess Grave

The Sirolo Picene Princess Grave

In Sirolo you will find an interesting archeological area at Pini place. This area is very important because it is the only one in Marche in...


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