Piazza Roma, 2 - Servigliano (FM)
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Servigliano is a small town in the province of Fermo and belongs to The most beautiful Villages in Italy association. Its name (which recalls a Servilius or gens Servilia) derives from a Roman settlement. In 1771 the little town collapsed; it was rebuilt under Pope Clement XIV and took the name of Castel Clementino. Il was later rebuilt under Pope Pius VI. In 1863, with the unification of Italy, it took its original name. In 1915 a large prison camp was built:  from World War I until 1955 there were Austrian, Jews, Greek, British, American and Maltese prisoners. The most remarkable tourist attractions are: the quadrangular castle walls dating  back to the eighteenth century; the ancient Church of Santa Maria del Piano, boasting a statue of the Assumption (XV century), a 15th century crucifix and a beautiful elm choir; the former Convent of the Friars Minor; the eighteenth century Collegiate Church of San Marco; the Civic Palace; the bridge over the river Tenna, the old Gates and Palazzo Filoni, which was frescoed in Neoclassical times. You can't miss two splendid rural villas: Villa Brancadoro and Villa Vecchiotti.
In mid August there's a festival -an Historical re-enactment- commemorating the donation of the Plains of San Gualtiero, by the Abbot of Farfa, to the community of Servigliano in 1450.


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Falerone - Roman Theatre

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Falerone - Falerio Picenus Archaelogical Park

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Penna San Giovanni - Municipal art gallery

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The Parish Church of Saint John The Baptist

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Discover the attraction The Church and Convent of Saint Francis

The Church and Convent of Saint Francis

Built by the architect Salino Lombardo for the friars of the town and modernized at the end of the 1700s in Baroque style, inside it preserves numerous...


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