Serra De' Conti

Via Marconi, 6 - Serra de' Conti (AN)
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Serra de 'Conti is located on a hill 217 meters high, on the right side of the valley of the river Misa.
The old town of Serra de' Conti offers a significant example of urban structure of the thirteenth century, adapted and transformed first in late medieval age, then in modern age as a result of economic-social changes. Along the perimeter of the ancient city run the surrounding walls, characterized by ten defensive towers and a monumental fortified gate. Among the major sites of religious architecture are: the Church of S. Croce (Holy Cross), the Church of S. Michele, the Cloister of S. Francesco, the Church of Santa Maria de Abbatissis, the rural Church of San Fortunato and the Monastry of Santa Maria Maddalena, housing the “Museo delle Arti Monastiche” (Monastic Art Museum). The exhibition is divided into thematic rooms that recreate the environment of the pharmacy, the pantry and craft activities such as spinning, embroidery, processing of ceramic with plastics and dyeing.
Noteworthy is also the Council Room, painted by Bruno Bruni, a contemporary artist known as Bruno d'Arcevia. Not far from Serra de’ Conti, on the border with the territory of Arcevia is an important example of industrial archeology: an oven for bricks, Hoffmann type (19th century). Built in an area rich in very good water thanks to the proximity of the river Misa, it was in operation from 1884 to 1971. Privately owned, it recently underwent a major restoration and preservation work.
The local product is the “cicerchia” (blue sweet pea, Slow Food Presidium), excellent in soups, but also mashed or served as a side dish to “zampone” (stuffed pigs foot). With the blue sweet pea flour, it is also possible to prepare the kinds of pasta called “maltagliati” and “pappardelle”. The "Feast of Cicerchia", held in late November, celebrates this legume.

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